The Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe has had a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County and North Lake Tahoe (BBBSNC) since 2014. The mentoring initiative of BBBSNC is working to expand its mentoring efforts to enroll more North Lake Tahoe youth and match them with high school mentors.   

Big Brothers Big Sisters would recruit the mentors, conduct screening and background checks, and share their expertise in running mentor programs.  The children will be identified by Boys & Girls Club staff for children who need it most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty, coping absent parents or struggling both socially or academically.  Boys & Girls Club will share their facility  and activities for the matches to participate in.

Volunteer mentors go through a screening process and the youth are interviewed so the staff can make an accurate match for both. During the youth and mentor interviews, the organization tries to find common hobbies or interests to help make good matches between the mentors and children.

After the mentors and youth have had their first meetings, BBBSNC  provides match support, where adult volunteers (Bigs) and the children (LIttles) are asked how everything is going with each other, and if there are any suggestions that they have or if they feel safe and comfortable in the program.  BBBSNC will make regular visits to the Club to check in on the matches and make sure everything is going smoothly.  Keeping an open dialogue and being an active part of the relationships ensures safety and success of the match.

The mentors and children are limited to meeting at the Boys & Girls Club only. For this mentoring program, they meet once a week at the Club. Each youth has his or her own mentor; they don’t share that mentor with anyone else. The BBBSNC really focuses on providing that one-on-one time because some youth might not be getting it at home for whatever reason, perhaps because of parental demands from other siblings or family dynamics.

For more information about the mentor program and its location, please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 530-587-7717