Make our Littles’ wishes come true through our Wishing Tree

holiday group pic 2013mariella and tessa 2013

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer, every holiday season we have a Little Wishing Tree on display at SPD Market  in Nevada City and one on display at Mountain Hardware in Truckee. Each tree includes wish lists for the holidays from our Little Brothers and Little Sisters in those regions.

Here’s how you can make a Little’s wish come true:

  1. Go to either location where a Little Wishing Tree is on display.
  2. Select a wish list card from the tree with a name of a Little you want to sponsor.  This will include three items that a Little Brother or Sister wants for the holidays.  You will only provide one of the items from their wish list.
  3. Place the bottom portion of the wish list, with your name and phone number included, into the locked box by the tree before you leave.
  4. Purchase only one of the items on the list and drop the gift off by placing it in the box located underneath the tree, or if buying a gift certificate, drop it in the metal box located on the tree table, with the wish list attached by the deadlines stated above.
  5. If you would like to receive a receipt for your donation, please include your name and mailing or email address with the gift.

What happens to your donated gift(s)?

Once we receive all of the donated gifts from this drive, we wrap and label them for our Littles and hand them out at our Annual Holiday Party – we have a party in Grass Valley and on in Truckee. We ask that you please only donate one gift on each Little’s wish list because we want every Little to receive the same number of gifts at our party. For many of our Littles, this may be the only gift they receive for the holidays, so it will be really special to them and their families.

If you have any questions about our Little Wishing Tree in Nevada City, please contact Suze at 530-265-2059 or For question regarding the tree in Truckee, contact Peggy at 530-587-7717 or  . Se Habla Espanol.  775-219-0272

Thank you so much for helping us make Littles’ wishes come true, and special thanks to SPD Market and Mountain Hardware  for sponsoring this drive and supporting our programs!  Please share this information with anyone you think might want to help!